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Landscape Services
Suburban Home Landscape


Landscape Installation & Renovations for your home or business in Louisville, Canton, North Canton, Alliance, Massillon, Uniontown, and Hartville. We can install your new lawn & landscape or renovate your existing landscape to make it new again! We offer a wide variety of custom landscape services tailored specific to your property needs!

Landscape Installation: New Home or Business

  • New home or business construction landscape installation

  • Design & planting installation

  • Landscape bed installation

  • Ornamental tree installation

Landscape Renovation

  • Upgrade of existing home or business landscaping

  • Shrub Removal & Replacement

  • Reimagining of existing landscape, we will make your vision a reality!

Sod Removal - Landscape Bed Installation

  • Pick up, delivery, and installation of the customers' desired plantings

  • We will practice all proper techniques and utilize any tools or materials necessary for proper plant installation


Landscape Mulching & Bed Cleanup services for your home or business available in Louisville, Canton, North Canton, Alliance, Massillon, Uniontown, and Hartville. Landscape mulching & bed cleanup is essential to maintaining a well manicured property!

Mulching and bed cleanup consists of the following:

  • Cleanout of all existing flower beds; this can include but is not limited to weeds, leaves & winter debris

  • Trimming/pruning of all shrubs as needed to our discretion & cleanup of trimmings

  • Edging/redefining of all flower beds using hand spades or commercial edging equipment for larger projects & Installation of the desired materials

  • Optional add ons to these projects can include but are not limited to; Installation of landscape fabric, installation of physical edging such as plastic, metal, or brick edging, ornamental tree trimming, shrub removal, and shrub & tree plantings

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

  • Typically, the first or second trimming of the season

  • Trimming/shaping of all shrubbery throughout landscape beds to our discretion

  • Cleanup of all trimmings

Walkway Flower Bed
Freshly Mowed Lawn


Weekly Mowing & Lawn Maintenance Services for your home or business in Louisville, Canton, North Canton, Uniontown, and Alliance. Our Weekly Mowing & Maintenance services are available on a per-occurrence or seasonal basis.

Weekly lawn maintenance consists of the following:

  • Mowing & Trimming of the whole property

  • Edging all cement surfaces with a string line trimmer

  • Blowing off all grass clippings from cement surfaces.

  • We do not bag grass clippings. Bagging of grass clippings can be done only upon request by the customer or under special conditions if the property requires it during the Spring mowing season.*

Lawn Maintenance
Landscape Mulching


Our Fall cleanup & trimming services are essential to maintaining a healthy lawn & landscape for the coming Winter & Spring months.

Fall Leaf Removal

  • Fall leaf removal services begin near the beginning of October and run all the way through the end of December depending on weather conditions.

  • This includes but is not limited to: blowing or raking out all flower beds throughout property, both front and back yards, driveway etc.

Flower Bed Cleanup

  • Flower bed cleanup goes hand in hand with our leaf removal services. We always go through flower beds and blow or rake out leaves & misc. fall debris to keep your flower beds cleaned up for the Winter months and ready for Springtime mulching.

  • Towards the end of the fall season, we go through all beds and trim down or prune all perennials, hostas, ornamental grasses etc. This is to ensure proper new growth of the perennials the following Spring.

Shrub Trimming & Shrub Removal

  • Fall shrub trimming is typically completed in October or early November.

  • This includes trimming back / shaping of all shrubbery & ornamental trees throughout your landscape. Proper fall trimming helps to ensure healthy new growth the following Spring.

  • We also will remove any dead shrubs throughout the landscape as needed to our discretion or if specially requested by the customer.

Shrub & Tree Planting

  • Fall is a great time for shrub & tree plantings.

Golden Leaves
Fall Services
Fall Services
Winter Services
Snow & Ice Management


Commercial Snow & Ice Management

  • We offer full-service snow & ice management services.

  • Our service packages are tailored to fit your specific property needs & requests. Please call for further information regarding commercial snow & ice management.

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